KkReYMZAApril Fisk is the President of RockBox Fitness, a state-of-the-art boutique fitness studio that combines confidence-building boxing and kickboxing, with strengthening functional exercises in a fight-club meets night club atmosphere. I had the opportunity to interview April and she had a very inspiring story for not only women in Franchising, but anyone striving to achieve success in their career. 
Can you explain how your background led to you being in Franchising?
My world has been Franchising for about 16 years, but what led to it was just my love for sports and fitness. I grew up in the sports world: I played volleyball, basketball and ran track, so I’ve always had a passion for staying active. It’s always been a part of my life, at least one way or another even in the times when I tried to for it not to be. I went to college and played basketball and volleyball at a Division III school, and then started having babies very quickly after. I was working as a full-time Head Volleyball Coach at a college, as well as the Senior Women's Administrator, but wanted to take a little bit of time away to go be with my kids and not have so much on my plate, so I left that position and responded to a newspaper ad for a company called Snap Fitness who was looking to fill a part-time data entry position. I thought that this would be perfect since, there's no thought process and I can easily do this and not have to come home and think about it. I actually called and asked for an interview and a woman named Heidi Davis said they had closed the interview process and already had all their applicants, so the position was no longer available, however, we ended up talking for 30 minutes and afterward she said, “why don't you come in and interview tomorrow?” So I went in for the interview and got hired on the spot. Two weeks later it was full-time, which is just kind of my nature. Thinking I was going to go part-time was a nice thought, but not really in my DNA. In total I was there for 13 years, but took a little break in the middle as my family moved out of state and then came back. This timeframe really gave me the opportunity to work in almost every area of the business, and it was exciting to be a part of the journey of building a company.
When I left the company I was the VP of International Development and Operations, and I was able to witness the company’s growth from 25 clubs to over 1500 locations worldwide as well as building multiple brands. After being a part of the growth with Snap Fitness, I was ready to take on my next challenge and execute the knowledge I’d gained, so I found myself at Orangetheory Fitness where I became VP of International Operations. This move was great because I went from building something to then being a part of a company that was already established. They are a fantastic boutique fitness brand that has built a great product and structure which makes them well-known and desired by the consumer. Following my work with them, I realized I missed being part of something new and scaling it, so when COVID hit a lot of changes happened and RockBox Fitness presented itself as an incredible opportunity for me to take on. Now I find myself President at RockBox Fitness, and what has me excited about this concept is being able to be on the building ground again and use my experience and knowledge to lead a brand to become successful.
 heart beat
What do you love most about RockBox and your role?
I really do love working with our franchisees. I love being able to build a really strong team
here with a great culture where we are all chasing the same goal and loving what we do and continuing to show up. My team pokes fun at me because I often say, “What do we do? We show up.” That's been something that has always been a part of my world; making sure you show up every day to work hard because we get the opportunity to impact so many people from franchisees, members and potential members, to suppliers and partners. That’s what drives me to be able to impact others, and franchising is the perfect way to be able to do that every day. 
Any Final Thoughts? 
Nothing in life comes easy. I'm passionate about leadership and glad to be in a position where I am able to encourage and give opportunities to women, and I think if I hadn't been given the opportunity to work with some of the people in my own career, then I wouldn’t be the leader that I am today. So in the end I'm thankful for the people that have helped mold me into the person that I am, both good and bad. I think it’s important as a leader to be humble, and not forgetting how you got to where you are keeps you humble. Being a leader also takes a lot of hard work! We should be lifelong learners and shouldn’t ever think we’ve arrived. That is what keeps you striving for greatness.
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