Our Operations Team works closely with our franchisees throughout the life of their business to set them up for success. From securing your location to ongoing training after your studio is open, they are with you every step of the way. 


This team is led by our Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Steve Halloran.  Steve earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Virginia Tech, and was a serial entrepreneur with corporate roots. After starting his career in sales with the largest privately held medical supply company, Medline, he moved into the branded pharmaceutical industry managing a territory for Sanofi-Aventis in the North East and earned top performance awards for sales. During his tenure with Sanofi, he also started and ran an online medical supply company serving medical offices nationally. In addition to his work in corporate America, Steve also happened to be an avid amateur boxer. Combining his love for boxing, kickboxing, and functional strength training led Steve to start his first training studio in 2013, Fast Fit Boxing.When asked which of our company values resonates with him most, his response was, "Fun! It's all for nothing if we are not having fun along the way."

What is your favorite RockBox class combination? Jab Cross Jab Cross Front Kick Front Kick Superman!

What song makes you most excited during a RockBox class? "Can't Be Touched" by Roy Jones

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I went to 9 different schools from 5th grade through college.





Up next is our Director of Operations, Tricia Fowlin! Tricia oversees the pre-opening processes for new studios, assists in ongoing training with open studios, and manages the Home Office Managed Member Acquisition Center (MMAC). With an extensive background in boutique fitness, she began her career with RockBox as the General Manager of our first studio, RockBox Fitness Charlotte, and quickly transitioned into a Home Office role as pre-opening and training manager. She was recently promoted to her current role as Director of Operations and continues to provide incredible value to our entire RockBox team.  Tricia is a mom-to-be expecting her first child in December of 2020 with her husband, Richard. When asked which of our company values resonates with her most, her response was, "Fun! We have a great time at the home office and with our franchisees. I wouldn't love what I do if it wasn't fun!"

What is your favorite RockBox class combination? Jab Cross Hook Hook Hook Cross

What song makes you most excited during a RockBox class? Anything by Tech Nine!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I have 3 dogs, adopted 3 different years, and they all have the same birthday and are the same age! Meant to be!




The final member of our operations team is Ben Perry, who serves RockBox Fitness franchisees as our Franchise Business Coach. Ben focuses heavily on the improvement of revenue, KPI's, member acquisition & retention. He works in closely with our marketing team in order to achieve measurable growth and improvement of each studio. Ben also travels to new studios to provide coaching & guidance to the sales teams & multi-unit Franchisees on the execution RockBox brand standards and operational tools & systems; as well as offering support throughout the pre-sale opening to ensure successful launch and closely monitors post opening performance, acting upon trends or needs. When asked which of our company values resonates with him most, his response was, "RESULTS- I have the most fun when seeing the process work for a franchisee, GM & staff. When everyone is successful, it makes what I do that much more rewarding."  

What is your favorite RockBox class combination? Water Fountain + Laying Down...Just Kidding.  Upper Cut Upper Cut Hook Hook

What song makes you most excited during a RockBox class? “Party Like A Rockstar" by Shop Boyz

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I can cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds


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